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The Magnetest Company began in 1994 as the North and South American sales representative for Soken Electric Company, Ltd. of Tokyo Japan for those testing equipments having to do with Electrical Steel, and its uses such as motors and transformers. In September 1995 it introduced its Automatic Epstein Tester made in the United States. Then in 1996 it unveiled its Automatic Gamma Tester which measures steel sheet Taper and Crown to a very high accuracy, saving substantial cost in labor and savings in steel sheet. Principals in the company are members of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) which regulate the Electrical Steel Test Methods for the majority of the Electrical Steel used in the USA. The company is one of the largest independent suppliers of this type equipment; primarily automatic, computer based and amenable to use with modern statistical processes in manufacturing.

MAGNETEST/SOKEN offers a complete line of electrical steel core loss (watts/kg) and magnetizing force (amperes/m) testing instruments. These test actual steel strips, stators, laminations and sheets to positively predict overheating or malfunction of magnetic devices due to wrong grades, bad shipments, or improper annealing of electrical steel.